football field

Our team of playground professionals have over 25 years of experience with equipment and surfacing. We have designed and installed hundreds of playgrounds and continue to do so. While the playground manufacturers have strict safety standards and testing they follow, what we have determined is that the playground equipment is only as safe as the surfacing beneath it.

Playground surfacing is what is supposed to protect our children from their falls. But as time passes, the ability of the surface to properly absorb the impact of the fall is diminished. Loose fill surfaces such as Engineered Wood Fiber Mulch compacts and is easily displaced. Unitary surfaces such as rubber will begin losing their impact absorbing properties beginning in their 3rd year of wear. Because of this, it is important that the surfaces of the playgrounds be properly maintained and monitored.

ASTM F1292-09 provides the standards for playground surfacing, and our test will determine whether or not your playground surface or athletic field is in compliance with these standards.

Working coast to coast, our certified testers use the latest technology when testing your surface. The Triax 2010 is designed to comply with ASTM F1292. The Triax 2010 Safety Impact Test is equipped with a built in accelerometer and transmits data to a handheld computer. The data transmitted measures the maximum deceleration of gravity (GMAX) and the severity and duration of impact (HIC). Once these tests are completed, we will summarize the information and provide you the results in a simple, easy to read and understand report.

In addition to the safety surface test, our certified playground safety inspectors will inspect your playground equipment to make sure it is in compliance with current ASTM standards and provide you a report of any equipment that is out of compliance or in need of repair.