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Our team conducts impact attenuation testing on playground surfaces and athletic fields. To learn more about this, Climb on the link below.

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We all want our surfacing to be safe and compliant for those that play on it. In the event that your surfacing needs replenishing or replacing, we can help. To learn more about this, Jump on the link below.

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At Play Safe by Design, we pride ourselves on quality services, and our customer's satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Slide into the link below to read some of the comments we have received from them!

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We believe that children are treasures and deserve a play environment that is fun, educational, inclusive, and most of all, safe! Our team of playground professionals have over 25 years of experience with equipment and surfacing. We have designed and installed hundreds of playgrounds and continue to do so. While the manufacturers of playground equipment have strict safety and testing standards they follow, what we have determined is that your playgrounds and athletic fields are only as safe as the surfacing beneath it.
Kelli Collins
General Manager/Owner
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